Schematic showing our peak-to-peak amplitude measurement methods. The background is a video still from the deployment of interest. Letters correspond to the: rostrum (A), dorsal fin (B), left flipper (C), right flipper (D), peduncle (E), left fluke blade (F), right fluke blade (G).

PhD Candidacy

The margin between life and death is defined by an animal’s ability to navigate its environment and find food. For my PhD thesis work, I have been using biologging tags to study how locomotion and feeding kinematics scale with body size up to and including the largest animals that have ever lived. This work has resulted in one paper (Gough et al. in press) with more planned for the future…

Relationships between body length and both oscillatory frequency (A – interspecific log-transformed mean; B – intraspecific humpback mean) and cruising speed (C – interspecific log-transformed median; D – intraspecific humpback median). Solid lines denote the observed regressions and grey bars denote the standard error. We calculated the regression for A using our linear mixed model with species as a random effect. The dot-dash and dotted lines represent the regressions for our cantilever beam and Strouhal models, respectively. The open circles shown in C represent the modeled Uopt values for each whale. The bars to the bottom and top of each closed circle shown in C and D are the 25th and 75th percentiles.